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We can offer our customers cost effective paint systems to suit most environments, this includes nuclear, sub-sea and harsh environment applications.

The paint systems are applied by our experienced work force using the latest techniques. These are then inspected through the whole process by our ICORR approved inspection department to ensure they are compliant with the relevant customer requirements.

The following are is a list of commonly used paint systems :

Zinc Rich Paint

Contains a minimum of 90% zinc dust in a dry film coating and will afford cathodic protection, even when the steel becomes damaged or exposed the zinc being sacrificial will revent rust spreading.

Zinc Phosphate Primers

Versatile primers designed for application to steel surfaces providing good anti-corrosive properties at low cost. Suitable for overcoating with a wide range of heavy duty top coats.

Zinc Silicates

Provide outstanding corrosion and abrasion resistance and are suitable for over-coating using a wide range of heavy duty top coats.

Micaceous Iron Oxides

Provides an excellent barrier protection for exposed steelwork.


Chlorinated Rubbers

Provide effective protection for steelwork in damp enviroments with good resistance to moderate chemical attack and fungal growth (long curling period).

Epoxy Coatings

Tough, hard wearing finishes with good all round resistance to abrasion, alkalis, salts, solvents and mild acids.

Coal Tar Epoxies

Coatings ideally suited for total, partial or intermittent immersion in salt water such as lock gates, pipes, jetty structures, etc.

Solvent Free Epoxies

Commonly used as a heavy duty lining for tanks and pipework suitable for storing a wide range of products including portable water, clean petroleum products and crude oil.

Two Pack Polyurethanes

High performance finishes giving excellent decorative appearance. Outstanding resistance to weathering and severe industrial environments with no long term overcoating restrictions.


Alkyd Finishes

Industrial gloss giving attractive finishes for exterior and interior of plant and equipment.

Note: Combination systems can be proffered to provide shortened or elongated length to 1st maintenance and to meet specific needs.