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Global Coatings have over 150 available coatings, the following sections illustrate those more frequently used together with typical applications

Aluminium Coatings

Aluminium has certain advantages over zinc in conditions of high humidity, sulphurous industrial atmosphere, or immerion conditions in soft water. It also has excellent resistance to high temperature corrosion.

The main categories of steelwork requiring this type of protection for long term benefits are :

  • Cranes, gantries, steel-framed buldings, storage bins, bridges, road barriers, railway steelwork, pontoon structures, jetty steelwork, tippler units, ships structures and barges subject to chemical or salt water corrosion.
  • Chimneys, chimney shells (wind shields), flarestacks, hot air ducting, turbine exhaust systems, testbed fixtures and other structures subject to high temperature corrosion, along with many others.

Specifications are varied according to environmental conditions and are readily available on request.

Zinc Coatings

Zinc can be applied in varying thickness to cope with the most severe corrosive conditions in accordance with BSEN22063.

Steelwork for building structures, storage tanks, bridge sections, mototway gantries, pedestrian barriers, sluice gates, weed grids, sewage plant, off shore structures, cranes, mechanical handling equipment, architechural ironwork and many other fabrications.

The life of these coatings can be further extended by applying a suitable sealer. Coloured sealers are also available.

Life expectancy of this type of system is in excess of twenty years.